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Memorial Page

Each year SAIL honors and remembers members that have passed on. We will never forget their smiles, their ideas and the friendship that we built with each and every one of them. Though they are gone they will never be forgotten.

SAIL remembers:

Chris Purnell: Chris was one of those advocates you could spot a mile a way. He always had a sense of humor that couldn't be beat. He was not afraid to fight for his rights not only so that he could have a better life but also so others could as well.

Chris was a friend to me in Ellensburg. We kidded around a lot but I remember his go fast or go home attitude not only while driving his chair but also living his life. Chris thanks for teaching me about advocacy at the Central Washington Advocacy Coalition Meetings and pointing me towards SAIL.
Shawn L

Jennifer Jo Roberts: Jennifer was a frequent visitor to our state capitol to not only advocate on disability issues but also on a host of other ones including welfare rights. She would never stop telling people about her main points until she was heard and they followed through with some action. In addition to being a longstanding SAIL member she volunteered for many years with POWER, Parents Organizing for Welfare and Economic Rights, and was a member of their Board.

Jim McNamara: Jim was one of the earliest self advocates in Washington. He was always up for any challenge or adventure. He worked at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard and Intermediate Maintenance Facility for thirty years. He also was very involved with Special Olympics and other sports activities in his area.

Sherry Lookabill: Sherry Lookabill was a strong advocate who was never afraid to write legislators when SAIL asked her to.

Harry Wade: Harry was very active at the Arc of Kitsap and SAW in addition to SAIL. Harry also volunteered for Chuckwagon, an organization that served meals to Senior Citizens. Before he retired Harry worked as a woodworker and a dishwasher. Everyone who knew Harry will remember his compassionate spirit and cheerful attitude. He was friends with everyone he met.






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