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SAIL and Advocacy

The SAIL Coalition works to shape public policies that affect the lives of persons with developmental disabilities.  SAIL Coalition works with the legislatures during legislative session.  Legislative session runs from January to March or April of each year. 

Legislative Successes

For the past seven years SAIL has had many legislative successes passing a bill each year eight in total. To view all our A picture of the Governor signing Senate Bil 54 59 which closes an instution and starts that process for anothersuccess please
open or save the document link below.

Accomplishments of SAIL

2017 Legislative Session

For the 2017 session which starts on January 9th and ends on April 23rd SAIL has seven legislative priorities including closing institutions, increasing accessible housing, creating a supported decision making alternative to guardianship, improving the mental health system, ending sub minimum wage, maintaining the State developmental disabilities budget, and increasing community residential provider rate. For more information please see our legislative agenda.

2017 Legislative Agenda (PDF Version)

Arc's Advocacy Days

Please join us for Advocacy Day put on by the Arc of Washington and the Washington State Developmental Disability Council.

Advocacy Day happens most Wednesdays during the 2017 Legislative Session. Advocacy Days typically start out with a briefing at 10 AM @ the United Churches of Olympia, 110 11th Ave SE, Olympia, WA 9850. Each Wednesday's briefing is on a different topic. The Topics are listed below.


2014 Legislative Session

2014 Legislative Agenda (PDF Version)

2013 Legislative Session

Want to know about up coming Advocacy Days or about the 33rd annual Disability Legislative Reception click below.

Advocacy Days 2013

At the November meeting SAIL finalize our legislative agenda focusing on state and national issues. The following is a list of our agenda items.

Stop Abuse and Neglect

We support efforts to stop abuse and neglect in our state, improve response and make sure DSHS does it’s job appropriately and in a timely manner.

Low/No Cuts to Services

The services we receive are essential for our lives! If we don’t get the services we need and we still live in the community there is a possibility
of our safety being in jeopardy. Our lives fit together like pieces of a puzzle and without all of the services our lives cannot be the same.

Tax Reform/Revenue Enhancements

We are supportive of ideas that increase revenue to the state. We rely on the state for support in many areas of our lives. Without increased revenue it means that our basic needs will not be met.

Protect Self Advocacy Organizations

People First of Washington, Self-Advocates of Washington (SAW) along with other self advocacy organizations work together to help individuals learn
the skills to speak up for themselves. With all of the cuts in the future, we need a group of people to gather with to figure out the next steps in advocacy.

Closing of the DD Institutions and Increase and Improve Community Supports

Support the closure of state institutions for people with developmental disabilities and create the best living environment for people. Many other states have made the bold step of closing institutions and supporting people in their local communities. We believe Washington should do the same!

Availability of Transit Services

Transit is a critical community service particularly since the large majority of people with developmental disabilities are not able to drive. Transit services provide access to employment, family, friends, and enables greater participation in the local community.

Concern about Federal Issues

Right now there are a number of federal issues that could negatively impact our quality of life.
The outcome of the sequester and the possibility of significant cuts across the board.
The potential elimination of DD Act funding.

We will be continuing to monitor these issues.

2013 Legislative Agenda (PDF) Version

2012 Legislative Session

2012 Legislative Agenda

2011 Legislative Session

SAIL Worked hard to help pass 2SSB (2nd Substitute Senate Bill) 5459. This Bill closes Francis Haddon Morgan Center as well as Yakima Valley School over the long term. The bill transitions people from the RHC's into the community with supports. Everyone worked hard voicing their concerns all session long.

SAIL's 2011 Legislative Agenda

2010 Legislative Session

SAIL had a very successful session last year by passing a third respectful A picture of SAIL members at the signing of the code reviser bill to replace mental retardation with intellectual disability in lawlanguage bill that removes the M.R. word from all state documents and by protecting crucial services like Medicaid Personal Care from receiving disastrous cuts. We want to thank everyone who came to Olympia and helped us advocate for these and other issues. We look forward to seeing you next year in Olympia. Remember "Nothing About Us Without Us".

SAIL 2010 Legislative Agenda

SAIL is an Award Winner

SAIL is the 2009 Advocacy Matters! Award winner.

SAIL presented a break out session at the Arc of the United States' 2009 National Convention.

Tools You Can Use

Advocacy Day

If you are not sure which legislative district you are in you can find your district by typing in your address at the Arc of Washington State site.

Legislative District Finder


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